Why does power bank explode

01/09/2020 Ivy Industry News 1,629

1.Poor battery quality
The quality of the battery is very important for the overall functioning of the power bank. This is the primary factor that can cause the battery explode. Most companies use lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries for mobile power. But some companies use cheaper lithium-ion batteries to reduce the cost . This creates a potential hazard to its safety. In addition, some small brands use recycled batteries, so that they can sell the power bank at a much lower price it may causes serious security risks.

2.inefficient PCB
Another aspect is inefficient printed circuit board (PCB). A good circuit design can guarantee the battery cell voltage and current stabilization, overload, over current, overcharge, over temperature, short circuit protection and the automatic disconnection of the power supply protects the function. A good circuit design will protect the cell. Otherwise it will causes explosion or combustion.

3.Improper usage
Improper usage of battery includes exposing the battery to the unsafe environment such as high temperature or humidity. Overcharging, dismantling and crushing the power bank is also very dangerous.

Why does power bank explode

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