What should we do if car battery suddenly loses power

12/16/2019 Ivy Products News , 1,311

Car is the most common transportation in our life. In it's usual maintenance, the battery is particularly important. What should we do if the car battery suddenly loses power during our journey?

1.Push-up method
What should we do if car battery suddenly loses power
It is the most familiar emergency method for everyone, It's best not to use it until you have to do so, because this method will damage the engine and clutch of the car. Of course, this is only for manual transmission car but cannot be used for automatic transmission models.
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2.Connect with others battery.
What should we do if car battery suddenly loses power2
The premise of the success is that we can find a caring owner willing to connect you with electricity, and also need some operating experience. If the operation is wrong, the other party's car battery will be damaged.
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3.Car Jump Starter power bank
GP04 car battery jump starter (11)

Merpower GP04 car Jump Starter battery with low price, small size, it can be put in the trunk, and can be used directly in emergencies. It not only can start the car but also support mobile phone charging. We can recharge it by AC power adapter or by car charger in Auto. It’s design and packaging is also portable and attractive. So it is very convenient for the people who often drive. Highly recommended to have a spare.
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About Merpower:

Merpower is one of the most powerful manufacturers of USB C PD power bank, outdoor power source and car battery jump starter in China. China National High-tech Certification Enterprise, Our products are distributed to Europe, North America, Central/South America, Australia and some other abroad areas. We served some famous brand OEM/ODM service gained trust from customers. All our products certified with CE,FCC, RoHS,un38.3, MSDS and other approvals.