What power banks are allowed to be carried on airplane?

12/21/2019 Ian Industry News 1,390

Whether you're on the short business trip, or personal vacation, some electronic devices are sure to carry with, like your phone, laptop, camera and other devices etc. You'll surely not want your devices to power off on the journey there. Right?

The rules regarding power banks on airplanes have changed over the years, but now we can usually bring our power banks along with us. Currently, you are required to bring your portable charger and power banks in your carry-on luggage.

What Power Banks Are Allowed to Be Carried On Airplane?

The following rules are according to the Civil Aviation Administration in China. These rules are standard for many airlines around the world:
1.Power bank must be carried for personal use.
2.Power bank must only be carried in hand luggage. It is not allowed to carry power banks in checked luggage.
3.If the rated power is less than 100Wh, power banks can be carried without approval; power banks with the power between 100Wh and 160Wh can be carried after approval of air carrier. However, each passenger is only allowed to carry no more than two power banks.
4.Power above 160Wh are not allowed to be carried or the power banks without identified rated power and with rated power unable to be worked out with the marked parameters. It’s heavily depend on the capacity in Wh (watt hours), and under 100Wh is OK to bring on board. If over 160Wh you have to declare it and it has to be packed in cargo under the Dangerous Goods guidelines.

Someone may feel confused about the calculation of the capacity. Here is the method to find Watt Hours:
Just take Milliamp Hours/1000 x Voltage = Watt Hours
(MAH)/1000 X (V) = (WH)

Normally the output voltage is 3.7V, so the allowed capacity would be 26800mAh. That means the capacity of power banks within 26800mAh would be applicable.
(MAH)/1000 X (V) = (WH)
26800MAH/1000 X3.7V=99.16Wh

Here Merpower YN-045P PD 100W power bank with QC4+  & PD65W YN-039P with PPS would be preferable choices.

045P PD 100W power bank

The PD65W YN-039P with PPS is one of the most compact and lightweight external batteries in the market for its capacity, just 390g, Size: 5.93*3.06*0.86 inch, thanks to the use of top quality components. With 19200mAh capacity, this little thing can easily extend your phone usage 4-6 times. Eg: 4 charge times for iphone 11pro, 6 charge times for iphone 8.

PD 65W usb c power bank YN-039P

Have more than one power-hungry devices? Merpower PD100W YN-045P with QC4+can recharge your phone 7-10 times and charge a MacBook at full speed. With 100W Power Delivery and a 26800mAh capacity, it is hugely powerful and it can keep you going for a whole week!

Bearing the regulations in mind and grabbing a Merpower PD100W YN-045P with QC4+  or PD65W YN-039P with PPS, you could enjoy a carefree air journey.

About Merpower:

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