What is a Portable Power Station?

02/25/2020 Ian Industry News 1,431

It is a compact device that is fitted with Lithium-ion batteries and charging docks. These docking stations are used to charge these Li-ion batteries that store portable power in them to be used later.It is an environmentally friendly option as does not require combustibles, gasoline, kerosene, coal, wood, etc. It can be charged using solar and wind energy complementing this clean source of energy. These stations can be wired together in series or parallel to produce and store large amounts of electricity.

Solar panels collect the light energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. This electricity is passed through an inverter and converted into a pure sine wave that can be used to power your devices.

A wind turbine can work at night and in low light. This turbine can be connected to the portable power stations to power up the batteries and keep charged and ever ready. This means with these three pieces of equipment – a solar panel array, a wind turbine and power station with an inverter you can generate off the grid electricity anywhere anytime.

All these devices are so compact and portable you can carry them backpacking, in your car or . They let you keep all your battery run devices powered up at all times. These power stations can also be charges using the DC current of the car battery.

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