What are the advantages of Qualcomm QC4+ fast charge?

01/02/2020 Ivy Industry News , , 2,108

1. Intelligent thermal balance: To further enhance dual-channel charging, designed to automatically charge through the lowest temperature line, and avoid hot spots to optimize charging.
2. Dual Charge: The ability of dual charging has been further improved, it can disperse the charging current with less heat generation and shorten the charging time.
3. More advanced security features: The terminal enclosure and connector temperature levels can be monitored at the same time. This additional protective layer helps prevent overheating, short circuits or damage to Type-C connectors.

Qualcomm QC4+ fast charge

What is the difference between Qualcomm QC4 + and Qualcomm QC4?
(1)Both Quick Charge4 / 4 + support USB PD + PPS;
(2)Both Quick Charge4 / 4 + need to use USB C connector;
(3) The charging power of Quick Charge4 / 4 + requires larger than 18W.
2. Differences
(1) Quick Charge4 doesn’t support QC2.0, QC3.0;
(2) Quick Charge4 + supports QC2.0, QC3.0

In other words, QC4+ compatible with QC3.0 and QC2.0 on the based of USB PD3.0 and PPS.

Merpower QC4+ PD 100W laptop power bank

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