Top 5 reasons to buy a power bank

03/18/2020 Ian Industry News 2,028

Portable power banks and phone chargers have enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past few years, turning into one of the most popular electronic gadgets money can buy. As we are becoming increasingly addicted to our electronic, online lifestyle – batteries running flat is a problem we can probably all relate to. Read our useful guide below and discover why you should buy a portable power bank.

#1 For travelers
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Long gone are the days of traveling with nothing but a change of clothes, toiletries, and accessories. We love to travel here at Power Bank Expert – my backpack right now contains the following electronic goodies: MacBook Pro, Kindle Paperwhite, Olympus 4/3 digital camera, iPod Touch. Travelling is all about the journey, and that often means spending a long time on a train/plane^s/car. Not to mention waiting around at airports, bus stations and train stations. More often than not you might not have any access to a powerpoint to recharge your devices.

#2 For commuters

I used to have a 1.25-hour train ride to and from work every day, and boy do I wish I’d owned a portable power bank back then! When you’re packed onto a train or a bus, your options are pretty limited in how to kill the time. But having your smartphone/tablet/laptop with you can make that journey absolutely fly by. Owning a portable power bank means you can catch up on Game of Thrones, browse Facebook or read the latest news – and NEVER run out of battery.

#3 For camping / hiking / fishing
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There’s nothing better than escaping into the great outdoors, but what if you want to stay connected to the digital world whilst you’re enjoying all that nature has to offer? You might want to upload your pictures to Instagram, keep your portable speaker playing tunes, or recharge your camera’s batteries. Here’s where a portable power bank can come into its own.
Any portable power bank or phone charger would fit the bill for a trip into the great outdoors, but there are some portable power banks that are purpose-built for the task. The FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Power Bank is snow proof, dirt proof, drop-proof and waterproof. Its rugged construction makes it an ideal buy if you often head outdoors.

#4 For music festivals
There’s nothing much more fun than a multi-day music festival, camping with your friends and watching your favorite bands play. Keeping your batteries charged means you can find your friends when you inevitably lose each other, keep playing music back at your tent once the bands are finished for the night, and keep posting pictures and videos to make all your friends jealous. Make a portable power bank an essential travel companion for this summer festival season!

#5 For your job
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Apart from being super-handy in your personal life, portable power banks may well be incredibly helpful for your working life as well. Here are a few careers that will really benefit from the purchase of a portable power bank:

Photographers can keep their camera’s batteries juiced up when they’re out on a shoot.
Real estate agents are constantly driving all over their home towns, showing clients properties, and are always on their phone.
A job in sales often involves significant amounts of travel, as well as heavy use of laptops/phones/tablets.

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