The 3 Best Laptop Power Banks options to buy in 2020

11/26/2019 Ian Products News , 2,477

Laptop battery is to laptop just like what sunshine to flowers. So it does play a key role when you spend lots of time on the road. They help to ensure that you’re never caught short when you’re away from a socket.

Here are three laptop power banks that can recharge your laptop anywhere.

1,The best comprehensive laptop power bank
Merpower GP13 laptop power bank, USB-C 99.16Wh, 26800mAh large-capacity battery, with 1 DC output + 1 AC output +1 Type-c + 2 USB-A 2.4A output function +wireless charging function+ being solar charged

It can provide endurance guarantee for laptops, computers, 99.16Wh capacity design, in line with the civil aviation regulations, "the capacity of portable carry-on charging treasure can not exceed 100Wh" limit, No need to worry about travel blocked.
Special feature of Merpower GP13 model are as below:
1)Large capacity of 26800mah, 99Wh--Support 5 devices charge at the same time.
2)99Wh—Support carry directly on the plane.
3)DC Output of 9-21V/3.5A, --Compatible with 99% laptops.
4)2 USB A+1 USB C Output--Compatible with 99% mobile phones.
5)AAA 18650 battery cell—Support more than 800 times recharge cycle.
Merpower model allow the input/output simultaneous use does not affect each other. That is to say, it supports charging and discharging at the same time. All in all, this model covers multifunction, suit any of your charging needs and application. Buy it, Enjoy it.

GP13 power pack for laptop scene real picture (1)

2,The best laptop power bank for outdoors
If you want a power bank that suit your outdoor activities, like camping, fishing, hunting etc. The Merpower GP10 battery pack for laptop is the best option for you. It has 1 cigar lighter socketoutput+1 DC output+2 USB A output

GP10 outdoor power source scene real picture (2)
Super capacity of 60000mah/72000mah, 222Wh/266Wh, Support 4 devices charge at the same time. Its features are as below, pls notice:
1)12V cigar lighter socket output—Support Cpap/Car fridge/Camera etc.
2)DC Output of 12-16-19-21V, with 8+1 connectors—Compatible with 99% laptops.
3)AAA 18650 battery pack—Support more than 800 times recharge cycle.
4)IP64 Waterproof&with emeagency light&Night light—Best battery backup option for Carpfishing/Camping/Hunting/Hiking etc.
Your best outdoor trip partner, why not give it a try?

3,Smallest and Best budget laptop power bank
If you want value for money, Merpower YN-039P PD61W is a power bank worth considering. It has a 19200mAh battery and can supply 71.04Wh of power. It has USB-C 61W PD & USB-A QC3.0 output &19200mah& Aluminium Alloy case& Input (1 USB-C) & 2 Output (1 USB-C+1 USB-A), Support  2 devices charge at the same time. Below are its features, pls notice:

USB-C 61W PD power bank
Aluminium Alloy Material--With low heating, better performance than ABS+PC
Smallest size—Only 390g
PD Input/Output--Support PD 30W input, PD65W output
Strong compatibility—With 99% USB-C laptops & 99% Mobile phones
This model supports charging & discharging at the same time. In a word, it is the most cost-effective and smallest size laptop power bank.

About Merpower:

Merpower is one of the most powerful manufacturers of USB C PD power bank, outdoor power source and car battery jump starter in China. China National High-tech Certification Enterprise, Our products are distributed to Europe, North America, Central/South America, Australia and some other abroad areas. We served some famous brand OEM/ODM service gained trust from customers. All our products certified with CE,FCC, RoHS,un38.3, MSDS and other approvals.