Positive affirmation and support from customers is a great driving force for Merpower to move forward...

Professionalism and innovation in the mobile power industry is the fundamental reason why we choose Merpower, which we can not see in many mobile power wholesalers in China. Merpower can provide solutions that keep pace with the times and meet different needs of consumers.

- Mr. Johnson

We started to cooperate with Merpower in Alibaba. Merpower's outdoor power pack products are not only affordable, fashionable in appearance design, but also durable. The sales of GP20 and GP30 series products we purchased in Berlin have been very good, and they are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

- Mr. Davis

We have always been very confident about Merpower's PD power bank supply products. They not only have professional technical development team, but also equipped with a variety of sophisticated testing equipment, so the products are used with confidence, and our cooperation with Merpower is also very happy.

- Mr. Thompson

Merpower has always been our preferred wholesale supplier of power bank. They can strictly control the quality of products before they are shipped. The delivery quality is good and the delivery cycle is short. In addition, after-sales service is also very good, a more real Chinese power bank manufacturer!

- Mr. Brown

Merpower is a large capacity fast-charging mobile power bank supply manufacturer that our company has cooperated for a long time. According to market feedback in recent years, the quality of mobile power bank supply provided by Merpower is stable, and delivery speed is fast and reliable.

- Mr. Martinez

We have been cooperating with Merpower for more than five years. Merpower is our only creditable partner, able to provide professional mobile power solutions to meet our needs and requirements. Without Merpower , we would not be able to grasp information, data and confidence so quickly to deal with new markets and customers.

- Mr. Anderson