RidgeMonkey's battery pack VS Merpower's battery pack

02/19/2020 Ian Products News 1,614

Available in either green, or gun metal grey, the Ridge Monkey Vault C-Smart power pack is one market leading power banks available. We had found that one of Merpower's model has similar strong function as RidgeMonkey one. Today, We will compare these two models to see the difference and similarity.

For RidgeMonkey's battery model
There are two sizes to accommodate most anglers, with the smaller model capable of charging an iPhone 8 around 10-12 times, and the largest capable of charging up to 20 times.This is in fact an updated release on the original Vault power pack.

RidgeMonkey's battery pack
Upgrades include the option of charging up to four devices through the four USB-C ports.
Ridge Monkey has said that they are one of the first companies to offer USB-C with power delivery technology!
Going forward, it makes sense to adopt this fast-charging technology.
Leading phone manufacturers use these ports in their current phones, so you know that newer devices will be compatible with the Vault C-Smart. Billed as been capable of charging your device up to nine times faster than traditional 5W USB charger, this is the future!
Optional ports, such as USB-A and a 12v DC 'cigar' type output transform the Vault into a very versatile power source, whether you require to charge your phone, tablet or juice-sucking laptop. Tests revealed that the Vault C-Smart power pack can charge a laptop from flat to full in just two hours! That is simply amazing, considering it is small enough to slip into a coat pocket!
Overall, Ridge Monkey have once delivered a superb power pack that will take some beating over the next few years.
By far the best power pack on the market currently.

For Merpower's battery model
There are two size & capacity of it too. The bigger one is GP30 of 96000mah, The smaller one is GP20 of 48000mah. Both are used the LiFePo4 cells. Life cycle of more than 1000 times.

GP30 outdoor power source detail picture (3)
A very popular power bank with carp anglers, it boasts longer lasting charging whilst out on the bank. Essential if you have a lot of devices such as cameras, phones, laptops and portable gaming devices. These power banks have been designed for fishing on long sessions home and abroad.
There are a few downsides to the it, such as it can be a little bulky and a much heavier than other power banks on the market.
The Merpower comes in 2 versions, both the GP30 and GP20 have USB-C fast charging port, which are designed for quick charging more modern USB-C powered devices.

With so many portable chargers out there it’s hard to choose the best power bank for carp fishing sessions. They’re all very similar, designed to charge all different devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets and other portable electronics.

Whether you’re looking for a simple one use charger or something that will last you longer during your session, this article will have you covered & chosen.

About Merpower:

Merpower is one of the most powerful manufacturers of USB C PD power bank, outdoor power source and car battery jump starter in China. China National High-tech Certification Enterprise, Our products are distributed to Europe, North America, Central/South America, Australia and some other abroad areas. We served some famous brand OEM/ODM service gained trust from customers. All our products certified with CE,FCC, RoHS,un38.3, MSDS and other approvals.