Power Banks' Increasing Importance For Laptop

03/12/2020 Ian Industry News 1,399

Believe it or not, the best portable laptop chargers and power banks do exist. That’s right; those power banks you’re so fond of because they give you extra juice for your mobile devices – well, they’ve got those for laptops as well.

GP20 outdoor laptop power bank

GP20 48000mAh outdoor laptop power bank

In this day and age, how could they not? Practically every single person who uses their computer for work has at one point or another worked remotely, whether at a cafe, at home or while traveling the world. And, the best portable laptop chargers are some of the best accessories for remote workers.

After all, most powerful laptops out there won’t even last a full day’s work on a single charge. Unless you have a Chromebook that lasts for 12 hours or more, you’re out of luck if there’s no outlet nearby that you can use. Which is why having one of the best portable laptop chargers and power banks is an essential addition to your arsenal, especially if you’re a digital nomad who travels a lot.

These laptop battery chargers come with a wide range of adaptors to fit most laptop brands, and of course, usually hold enough juice for one full charge, giving you a few extra hours of work until you get to a plug socket. And, of course, most of them are relatively portable, because you wouldn’t want to be carrying around a massive and heavy power bank while you’re on the go.

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