Power Bank Physical Size and Portability

03/02/2020 Ian Products News 1,438

The actual size of a power bank is another feature to take into consideration when choosing the proper unit. Most of the time when I target carp I am usually fishing from a stationary point on shore or from my boat. This allows me to use a larger heavier power bank to power all my accessories.

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On occasion, as many carp anglers can relate to, the carp don’t always cooperate with your best-laid plans. In situations when the carp are showing in a different location it can be convenient to have a smaller handheld power bank that can fit in your pocket or bag. Heavier units can prevent you from moving to where the fish are most active and hinder your abilities to make the most of your time on the bank.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate there are some units available now that are small yet pack a large amount of power. These units come with a hefty price tag but are useful in any situation you are faced with.

How Does a Power Bank Work?
A power bank is simply a unit with a battery inside of it. You charge the unit (battery) up at home by plugging it into an outlet, then simply take the device with you fishing, camping, hiking, etc. It will provide a certain amount of power to charge and use devices while you are in remote locations.

As stated above different power banks have different ports and connections. Be sure to purchase a unit that has the proper ports for the devices you use. Another thing to consider is that power banks are usually sold without cables to connect to your devices. Be sure you have the proper cable with your device that will plug into the power bank. All units will come with a cable to plug the power bank into a household outlet in order to charge it for use.

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