Is your fast charging power bank really safe?

08/06/2019 Merpower Editor Products News 1,772

The speed of fast charging power bank product development is as fast as his name. The QC2.0 solution has not been touched yet, and the QC3.0 solution has emerged as the times require, and people are overwhelmed. Mobile power manufacturers are also promoting the general trend of such products, and various products are on the market. In fact, there are very few consumers who really understand the mystery. Many people still don't know what happened, they feel that they have been OUT. Whether it is fast charge QC2.0 or QC3.0, not mobile power bank has this function, you can achieve this function by buying it home. Since this is the case, then what have we bought? Buying this feature is not always possible. Yes, many mobile power manufacturers will not tell you the real situation. Today we will explain the actual use of consumers here.

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Mobile power wants to achieve fast charging function. First, your mobile power needs to support QC2.0 or QC3.0 (this requires mobile power to perform 5V, 9V, 12V automatic boost function, ordinary 5V2A, not fast Charge, but only charge faster.) Second, your phone supports fast charge function, third, your charging line is also supported. These three conditions are indispensable. If one of the conditions is not met, then this mobile power supply is just an ordinary charging treasure even with the fast charging function. For example, Iphone mobile phone, Apple insists that the charging speed only supports 1A current, so you can charge him no matter how fast mobile power, his speed is still based on receiving 1A. It won't make charging faster because of your fast charge.

Of course, Samsung mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones and so on have some domestic brands that support fast charging. But you can notice that when using the fast charge function, the phone is very hot and hot. In this case, you are choosing a mobile power source that is usually charged faster. Or choose the so-called fast charge mobile power supply?

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