Is there a PD power bank with PPS specification yet?

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Q:Is there a PD power bank with PPS yet ?
A: Yes, YN-039P.

65w usb c pd power bank YN-039P details (2)

The Programmable Power Supply (PPS) capability allows for small step-wise changes in voltage and current. If a sink is connected to a PPS capable source, it can request the source to makes these changes. This feature is an effective way to reduce conversion loss during charging.


Stepwise voltage variation was not available even under early USB PD specifications. One possible workaround would be to supply high voltage to the battery, and allow the battery side to adjust the voltage and current as necessary. But with this approach, the voltage difference between the supply side and the battery terminal side will generate energy loss in the form of heat. PPS reduces this loss by allowing the supply side to make stepwise changes in voltage and current so as to present a more optimal voltage pattern.

PPS capability allows for constant current charging (with gradual voltage increase), followed by constant voltage charging (with gradual current reduction).

65w usb c pd power bank YN-039P details (6)

YN 039P main features:

  • 19200mAh* QC3.0 output*PD input/output
  • Dual interface working simultaneously
  • 3h can be full charged via 30W input
  • 65W output (1h to full charge MacbookPro 13”)
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