How to extend the life of the power bank

12/12/2019 Ivy Products News 1,904

As everyone knows, when we go out for travel or business trip, because the battery of smart phone or laptop can't meet the demand, so the power bank is basically a must-have. Now, the problem is: How to extend the life of the power bank?

How to extend the life of the power bank

Avoid the following 4 situations to extend the life of the power bank:

1. Often charge the power bank before the power is completely exhausted.
The biggest factor that affects the lifetime of the power bank is battery. The battery generally divided into 18650 lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries. Lithium batteries will become less active when the power is low, often exhausting the power completely, the capacity of the battery will decline. Therefore, it is best to charge the battery before the last power is left.

2.The temperature is too low or too high during use.
Power bank is also afraid of cold and heat. The operating temperature of lithium batteries is 0-55 ° C. When the external temperature is too low, the battery will be unstable and the discharge will be insufficient. High temperatures can shorten the life of the battery and circuit board, damage the battery, and age certain components. Be sure to choose a power bank with overcharge, overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and other protection functions to avoid explosion.

3, Charging and recharging at the same time.
It will cause a high load on the circuit board and generate excessive temperatures in a short time, which will affect performance and safety.

4. Do not use for a long time when the power bank is empty.
It will also consume some power if it is not used for a long time, so it should be charged 80% of the power and stored in a dry place to avoid sunlight.

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