How to choose a good power bank for mobile

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Mobile power bank is on fire this year, and more and more people are searching for mobile power bank. Then someone will ask: What brand of mobile power bank is good? How to choose mobile power bank? Today we will take a look at this article, maybe you will find the answer.

Often mixed in the industry circle, in fact, mobile power bank  is just the same thing, battery + protection board + shell, such a mobile power bank is formed! In the 79th Consumer Electronics Show, I also ran a trip to the Shenzhen Exhibition At the center, there are about seven or eight mobile power sources. I carefully looked at their products. I feel it is OK. I ran to Huaqiang North in the afternoon, and I talked to a party boss for a few hours and talked about some topics in the mobile power bank industry. .

Then I went back home and saw that someone using the mobile power bank group was asking, what brand of mobile power bank is good? What mobile power bank is good. From the analysis of my own website data, for example, what brand of mobile power bank is good? What mobile power bank is good? This question is the most. This illustrates a problem. Our users still have a large number of people who don't know whether mobile power bank is good or bad. Because of this topic, I would like to make some personal opinions and welcome to make a brick.

Qualcomm QC2.0 has not been used yet, and QC3.0 fast charging technology has come

There are two main aspects to determining the quality of mobile power bank:

First, the battery
Although I have repeatedly introduced batteries in the articles I wrote earlier, I don't necessarily understand them, so I will describe them here. The current mobile power bank on the market is 18650 and soft-pack lithium batteries. The 18650 is a liquid lithium battery that is wrapped around a thick steel shell and has an aluminum shell and a cylindrical shape. The other is a paste-like lithium battery, which is known in the industry as a soft bag that can be customized in a variety of shapes.

The advantages of the 16850 are: mature technology and large capacity. It is said that the largest one can achieve 3000mAh. If it is simply based on the battery core, then the 18650 has certain safety hazards. The laptop battery explosion in previous years is a case. (Note: the probability is very low, and the protection board is selected, it can effectively reduce the security)

The soft-pack lithium battery is calculated according to the length, width and thickness with a certain mathematical formula! The biggest feature is that it can be arbitrarily shaped, which can highlight the personality. At present, the market's very personal mobile power bank is basically done by soft packs. His advantages Currently, compared with the 18650, the security risk is lower, that is, the 18650 may explode, but the biggest problem of the soft pack is the increase in the package and the burning.

In fact, that is good, in the long run, it is still a soft package! Of course, I am not saying that the 16850 is excluded. After all, this product has been used for ten years, and the technology is quite mature.

Additional: 16850 is doing better, is Sanyo, Panasonic. Soft pack lithium batteries are more famous for ATL, BAK, Bungay, BYD and so on. Others include Ronda, Lishen, Huayuebao, Yiwei, Haopeng, Kunpeng, Meibai, Haiyang, Yaoan, etc. (Note, this is the name I can remember, it does not mean All, for reference only)

Second, the protection board PCBA

The protection board is mainly for a few things, and the overcharge and over discharge are automatically adjusted. We use such a metaphor that a person who does not eat too much is too hungry, and eating too much is not good for the body. Therefore, in order to ensure that the battery of the mobile power bank does not reach two extremes, the protection board is designed to protect the battery from damage. For example, if the mobile power bank is full, the power is automatically turned off, which is the same as the charger protection of the mobile phone.

In addition, the protection board has an important function, which is the conversion rate. For example, when the battery's nominal 5000mAh charges the user's equipment, it is not completely 100% converted. Your 1500mAh mobile phone battery is charged with 5000mAh mobile power bank. In theory, it is charged more than three times, but it may not be full. This is because the cell and the object during this charging process are resistive, which consumes a portion. As a result, the board acts in this role, minimizing internal resistance and optimizing IC line design for improved performance. For specific details, this requires knowledge of the IC or electronics.

A good protection board, according to the introduction of the industry, can achieve more than 90%, while the average is about 80-85%. The estimate of the difference is only about 70%.

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