How to check your power bank is allowed on a flight?

09/20/2019 Merpower Editor Products News 2,471

Nowadays, airplane is one of the most popular means of transportation for many friends to travel. In addition, the battery life of smartphones or laptops and other electronic devices is relatively ordinary, so power bank has become a necessary part for many friends to go out. As we all know, airlines have strict requirements for power bank based on safety considerations.

How to check your power bank is allowed on a flight

So the question is, how to check your power bank is allowed on a flight?

The Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that power bank can only be brought on board if it meets the following conditions:
1. power bank with rated power less than 100Wh can be brought to the aircraft directly through security inspection.
2. power bank with rated power greater than 100Wh and less than 160Wh can be brought on board after approval from the check-in counter.
3. power bank must have clear and comprehensive certification marks.
4. Each passenger can only carry up to two power banks, and can only be carried with you, not to be consigned.

Here's an example of Merpower 045P USB C PD power bank:
045p usb c pd power bank
We can see the capacity mark is "3.7V/26800mAh/99.16Wh", which belongs to the power bank "less than 100Wh". So you can bring it directly to the plane.

I hope you can strictly abide by the above relevant regulations when flying, and when buying power bank, do not buy low-quality power bank, otherwise, in the event of spontaneous combustion, explosion and other accidents, are directly related to personal safety.

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