How long does the mobile power bank last?

08/06/2019 Merpower Editor Products News 2,301

How long is the life of the mobile power bank? Today, mobile power bank manufacturers are popular for everyone. The life of the mobile power bank will be affected by many factors, the direct factor is the battery life.

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Under the premise of normal use: If it is a new imported lithium battery core, use it once a day, and use 2-3 years to ensure the capacity is more than 80% of the initial capacity. If it is a normal lithium battery core, then generally speaking, there will be no significant capacity drop for one year. And if it is a second-hand teardown battery, then it is really difficult to say, not only has a short life, but also safety is a big problem.

In other respects, it is related to the good words of the circuit. If you use a booster circuit without protection function, it may be broken several times (overshoot and overdischarge will seriously affect the life of the lithium battery), so I hope to buy a life. Longer mobile power bank, it is recommended to buy quality guaranteed or better reputation. In addition, good usage habits are also a way to extend the life of the mobile power bank. For example, do not put the power of the mobile power bank in the usual place, do not put it in a very hot place, do a full discharge and fully charge in about 3 months.

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