How big capacity of a power bank do i need?

02/29/2020 Ian Products News 2,456

Power Banks come in a variety of different sizes. The size of power bank that you need depends on the device you will be charging.

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Power banks are classified by a term called milliampere hours (mAh). This can confuse people that are new to power banks but it is a fairly simple term to understand. To simplify things some power banks are rated in ampere-hours (Ah), this means that a power bank rated for 1 Ah will theoretically last for one hour.

Ah can be converted into mAh by simply multiplying the Ah by 1000. Therefore a 1 Ah unit is the same as a 1000 mAh unit, which both will last approximately 1 hour.

I use the term “approximately” due to the fact that certain conditions can affect the output of power banks. Temperature, hot or cold, can drain power faster from a power bank. A 1000 mAh unit may only be able to charge 750 mAh of power and the rest may be lost due to colder temperatures.

Most cell phones = approx. 1500 – 2000 mAh.
iPhones = approx. 2500 – 3000 mAh.
iPads = approx. 8500 mAh.
iPad Pro = approx. 10,000 mAh.
MacBook Pro = approx. 12,000 mAh – 15,000 mAh.
When choosing a unit always shoot for one that is 20% larger than what your device is rated for. This will ensure you can get the longest life out of your unit.

Small, cheap, 1000 – 2000 mAh Power Banks are only good for charging a small cell phone partially or once before needing to be recharged again. These are mostly freebie power banks you receive from events or impulse buys at the checkout of your local convenience store.

Small Sized 5000 – 8000 mAh Power Banks can charge the majority of cell phones up to 3 times or a tablet about 2 times.

Medium 10,000 – 12,000 mAh Power Banks can charge cell phones up to 4 or 5 times before needing to be recharged and larger tablets up to 2.5 times.

Mid-range 20,000 mAh Power Banks. These units will be used by most anglers on the bank. They will provide enough power for tablet or phone recharging while on the bank for the average angler.

Even Larger 33,000 mAh Power Banks for the technological angler on the bank. I use one of these units for my everyday angling as I can use it for back up power on my boat. It can power my underwater camera, trolling motor, navigation lights and digital recording device all day long. The only downside is its size and weight.

50,000 + mAh Power Banks are the ultimate units. You will be hard pressed to use all the power from one of these units on any session. These units can even go multiple sessions before being recharged.

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