Features, Cables and Connectors that A Power Bank Support

02/28/2020 Ian Industry News 1,996

There are many different manufacturers of Power Banks or Power Packs. Some provide many different features. When choosing the proper power bank to suit your needs you must first decide what your needs are. You will need to take a look at your devices and the duration you intend to spend without power to determine the features and amount of power you actually need.

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What Type of Cables or Connectors Does the Power Bank Support?

USB – The most common type of charging connection. USB ports on power banks normally charge at a rate of 0.5 to 1.5 Amps. These are perfect for charging cell phones and smaller electrical devices. If you wish to charge a tablet or larger device while still using it you will most likely need a port to charge it at 2.0 Amps or greater.

USB-C – Now becoming the mainstream charging option USB-C Ports can practically double the charging Amps of regular USB Ports. Power Banks with these ports are newer and will most likely carry a bigger price tag. In my opinion, it is well worth it as they can charge larger devices and at a quicker rate than the older USB Ports.

9v D/C Port – The main charging port for some of the bigger power banks on the market. These ports charge the power bank itself when not in use. Smaller power banks recharge themselves through a USB Port.

12v D/C Port – Much like the cigarette lighter port in vehicles. Many devices that we use on the bank come with 12v D/C Power Adaptors.

120v A/C Port – The larger power banks come equipped with 120v A/C Ports which are just like outlets you will find in your home. These can power small appliances. I have one main power bank which is perfect for running my Aqua Vu HD 10i Underwater Camera all day.

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