Best Option of Outdoor Battery Pack - LiFePO4 battery

10/11/2019 Ivy Products News 2,717

LiFePO4 battery is mainly used in the field of dynamical systems, because of their excellent structural stability, safety performance and long service life. Such as electric vehicles, military aerospace, electric tools and UPS.

LiFePO4 battery

Unless under extreme situation, LiFePO4 battery will never explode.
Longer service life
Most mobile power supplies use lithium-ion batteries on the market and with 500-800 cycle life times, but LiFePO4’s cycle life is at least 1,000 times. Therefore it has an absolute service life advantage if power sources use LiFePO4 battery
More environmentally Friendly
LiFePO4 battery anode material doesn’t contain precious metals and rare metals, and it is more environmentally friendly and can effectively reduce environmental pollution
Supporting fast charging
LiFePO4 battery also has a greater advantage, supporting the fast charging characteristics at least 2C charging speed (“C” means charging parameter, such as the capacity of 1000mAh battery, 2C current is 1000mA×2=2000mA). It can greatly shorten the charging time. Most power bank on the market use a standard charging voltage of 5V, and the charging current is only 0.2C.
Wide operating temperature range
Compared with other lithium batteries, LiFiPO4 battery also has a larger operating temperature range,


Merpower Outdoor power pack

Merpower Outdoor power pack uses LiFePO4 battery with strong advantage, and with multifunctional applications. Super capacity solve your outdoor equipment power supply:
Huge Capacity:
48000mah - 96000mAh
Dual 12V Cigarette lighter output
Has a wide range of application scenarios, can provide power for Fishing gear, car refrigerator,laptop, lamp, CPAP machine and other 12V equipment, can also be used with inverter, compatible with more products
60W PD fast output
USB-C Input/ output,Support 60W pd fast output charging, Support almost brand laptop fast charging
Dual USB output
Support Dual USB output, Support QC3.0 Quick charging
DC Input
DC12-24V input,Support solar panel recharging
Warning Light
With emergency light. Warning light

About Merpower:

Merpower is one of the most powerful manufacturers of USB C PD power bank, outdoor power source and car battery jump starter in China. China National High-tech Certification Enterprise, Our products are distributed to Europe, North America, Central/South America, Australia and some other abroad areas. We served some famous brand OEM/ODM service gained trust from customers. All our products certified with CE,FCC, RoHS,un38.3, MSDS and other approvals.