Among the many shared products, can usb power bank become a winner?

08/06/2019 Merpower Editor Industry News 2,270

At the time when artificial intelligence is about to open the new era, the sharing economy will come to the forefront. Among them, shared usb power bank has become the "darling" in the sharing economy market, more and more mobile power bank manufacturers aim at this vent, and a battle for sharing has begun. The business model of shared usb power bank is simply a rental mode. Based on this mode, it not only satisfies the basic needs of the user's mobile phone charging, but also solves the pain point that the mobile phone cannot “move” charging, and realizes “anytime, anywhere”. It's convenient to charge your phone.

In the eyes of ordinary people, shared usb power bank may be the winner, but for those who share the inside of the army, shared usb power bank is currently facing serious difficulties. Although the shared usb power bank market will reach a scale of nearly 10 billion in the future, it is often accompanied by a growing bubble, and there are still many risks and pressures that are difficult to circumvent in the shared usb power bank industry. With the increase of mobile power bank manufacturers, people have more choices for usb power bank. Not only that, the integration of merchants has accelerated the pace of fierce competition.

Of course, in the Internet era, the phenomenon of stifling caused by fierce competition is no stranger. Under the influx of capital and the chaotic environment of the market, it is the fundamental way for the development of enterprises to seriously make products and truly conform to the market development trend from the perspective of users. There is no absolute winner in the market. Under the influence of the sharing economy, although the usb power bank is in full swing, it is unlikely to be a winner for the time being. Only by promoting the market to a true “shared economy” can it become an industry winner!

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