Additional Features On Selecting Power Banks

03/19/2020 Ian Industry News 2,972

When talking about factors on selecting power banks, most people will refer to capacity, price, size, function etc. Well, that's absolutely true. However, there's other features we should also pay attention to. Let's see it together.

Power indicator
Most portable chargers have an LED power indicator which reflects the current charging capacity of the battery. This is a very useful feature as it allows owners to see when the battery is low on capacity so that it can be recharged as needed.

What's the PD USB-C and Power Delivery explained 1

LCD Display
Advanced models include a small LCD display. This is a fancier LED indicator as it can display the percentage of charge capacity. Instead of 3 out of 4 LED lights, you get 75%. This is a more accurate way to tell just how much charge is stored in the device. Some power banks even feature both a LED indicator and an LCD display.

YN 050P PD power bank

Shortcircuit safety
This is somewhat of a standard feature. There are very few models that do not have some type of short circuit safety. As you may guess, this feature prevents power banks to shortcircuit and cause various hazards such as fires or device malfunctions.

Some power banks come with an array of adaptors so that it can be easily used on various types of devices. Adaptors increase compatibility if you happen to have multiple devices which have different types of input ports. For example, a power bank with an adaptor set would allow you to charge a phone that uses a micro-USB port but also an iPhone that uses a Lightning connector.

Protective pouch
Somewhat of a common feature, a protective pouch can be useful for transporting and storing your power bank. Although some people might find this a useful item to use, in all honesty, most users won’t bother to keep their device in the protective pouch.

Many power banks come with a built-in LED flashlight, which can be a nice bonus feature. This might come in handy in various situations such as in the middle of a blackout.

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Above is all what we want to mention and introduce today. Hope it will let you know more about power bank itself and help you choose your right one.

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